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Thought of the day:

MAME is now, itself, as old or older than the classic arcade games were in '97.
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Me while reading: Noooo! My poor sweet babies! AUTHOR, WHY MUST YOU TORMENT YOUR CHARACTERS SO?
Me while writing: This character has been orphaned, whipped, sentenced to death, thrown overboard by pirates, captured by enemy soldiers, near-fatally poisoned, put on trial for his life before an angry mob, tortured in front of his best friend, and thrown into prison again.
Me while writing: ...
Me while writing: Let's stab him.

(from fialleril, via tumblr)
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The first screening of Shin Gojira (aka Godzilla Resurgence), the new Japanese Godzilla (written by Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno) was shown in Japan yesterday, and since then a lot of news has started flooding in... with some of the movie's alleged details being really weird.

This is my utter lack of surprise.
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"But surely these people engaged in a shady enterprise (as it were) will deal with me honestly and fairly and not try to steal anything that's mine."

And then your captain wakes up naked in a bathtub full of ice and "CALL AN EMH" written on the mirror.
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Here's a thought I had today:

When we say "so and so has/had a Dream", it's generally understood that we don't mean that they literally dreamed about it one night and woke up with the idea. Rather, that is how we contextualize the act of imagining a situation that Is Not, but Could Be (and Should Be).

I wonder if that idiom holds true in other languages, and/or how far back it goes. Did Bronze Age peoples, or Stone Age, have a concept or context for imagination and inspiration - looking at a thing, and thinking about how it could be different - outside of visions and hallucinations, whether divinely granted, nocturnal, or both?
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<PyroICFF> I am digging the new Doom.
<PyroICFF> I'm ten minutes in and have already punched two monitors which were attempting to exposit plot at me.
(me) "Fuck you, Durandal."

Oddly, this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember...
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"That would be the best game: set in New York, but actually a 1:1 reproduction of Toronto."
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Welcome to the 21st century. It's not what you expected.
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"It's like there was some sort of mass extinction event, and one species was left to fill all the newly vacant niches."
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Welp, not long after that last post, the machine stopped booting at all. :( :p Safe mode got it working again for the evening, long enough to back up everything, and booting to "last known good configuration" got it up again and, for the moment at least, stable... but I haven't tried stressing it yet. No gaming. Will it hold up, or BSOD again?

At least I have the backups, and a restore point made (though it may be built on sand). And Travis is coming over in a couple of hours with a Win 7 disc, though the need is no longer as urgent, knock on everything. (I may still have to do a repair, or worse. I just don't know.)
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From a "bad food" thread (as in "delicious but unhealthy"):

A: (someone posts a thing)

B: A swift 1850 calories.

C: Nah, a Swift 1850 calories looks more like this:

I'm with the next commenter:
"i laughed far, far too much at this."
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"Think of all those vampires from those cheesy 80s movies. They're still around. Still look like they're in their 20s. Still have those haircuts."
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From the comments on this PS 238 page:

"Long story short, they’re on fairy tale rules now. And the polite young lady who pays careful attention to what the mystical beings say is the most dangerous person around."
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<Shadur> Yay!
(me) What would you like to plant here? [Body]
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Today's SW:TOR update brings early-access subscribers, among other things, the Force-attuned minigun.

"Not as clumsy or random as a" BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT "elegant weapon for a more civilized age."

(This is what happens when the story has the PC forging a new Infinity+1 weapon, even when they aren't a Jedi or Sith.)

Also in this update: characters can now have spaces in their names. I expect to see my first Darth Darth Darth Darth within minutes of logging in.
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And now for the mental image which preceded that little rant:

I imagined Luke and Artoo coming across the other little green muppet in the swamp, sitting on a log and strumming his banjo and dispensing simple folk wisdom (without the odd speech pattern).

Maybe it would have turned out better for the kid; maybe not. "Difficult to say. Always in motion is the future."
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"Our apprentices keep falling to the Dark! We must work even harder at teaching them to repress and deny and ignore their feelings, discard their attachments, and double down on pressuring them to be perfect selfless beings!"

"... it's happened again? How could we not have foreseen this?!"
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Today I got another reminder that humans are not rational actors, especially not when it comes to economics (simulated or otherwise). Unfortunately, the lesson appeared in my mirror.

My cognitive dissonance, let me show you it )
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Today my dear friend [profile] deromilly, who is heading back to NC, gave me her old Mac. And I do mean old - this is one of the original 128k beige toasters, #90 off the line according to her. Still works, I'm told; I'll power it up soon and confirm. Came with a bunch of (single sided!) 3.5" floppies, old applications and some personal files that she asked me to scrub before/if I pass it on to anyone else.

My mom, the longtime Mac fan, would have loved it. :/
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(I've had this Galaxy Quest ficlet sitting on my HD, about 90% finished, for a couple of years now. This seemed like the right time to finally finish and post it.)

Actors aren't supposed to get PTSD )