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(I went looking for this back in 2015, but couldn't find it at the time. Better late than never, I guess.)

The following timeline is based on a marathon viewing of the entire Back to the Future trilogy. Some departure/arrival times are necessarily approximate. Red times indicate departures, blue arrivals. Important dates/times are bolded.

ISatOct 26198501:20Einstein is first time traveler
SatNov 05195506:00?Arrival in barn
SatNov 12195522:04Lightning strikes clock tower
SatOct 26198501:24Twin, er, Lone Pine Mall
IISatOct 26198510:35?"We don't need... roads."
WedOct 21201516:29Mill Valley, the future
21:00?Everything's fixed now, right?
SatOct 261985a21:00?Near miss by jet
SunOct 271985a01:00?A quick exit from Biff's Casino
SatNov 12195506:00Back from the future
IIISunNov 13195508:00?Drive-in
WedSep 02188508:00?Indians!
MonSep 07188508:15?Trestle over Eastwood Ravine
Oct 27198511:00Time machine destroyed

By my count, that's:
7 days in 1955
1 day in 2015 and 1985a
1 day in 1955 (doubled up on previous visit)
5 days in 1885

Which means that Marty McFly experiences 14 subjective days in 1 day and 9.5 hours by the clock in 1985.
And a very exciting two weeks it was, too.

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Date: 2017-03-22 01:12 pm (UTC)
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I really need to watch all three Back to the Future movies in their entirety one of these days -- so far all I've seen are chunks of the first and third films whenever I've caught them playing on TV.

Still, I'm impressed by the timeline you've managed to put together, since it's the sort of thing I'd probably struggle at. Piecing together the timelines in stories where time travel is involved is, for me, a sure-fire way to give myself a migraine, which is why the thought of doing so with Doctor Who's various timelines, both in and out of canon, is enough to make me feel slightly queasy. :-P


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