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"But surely these people engaged in a shady enterprise (as it were) will deal with me honestly and fairly and not try to steal anything that's mine."

And then your captain wakes up naked in a bathtub full of ice and "CALL AN EMH" written on the mirror.
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From my guild fleet's OOC channel:

"Has the nebula eaten you all yet?"
"nope, we are now talking to it"

(heck, that was the plot of at least two episodes and the first movie)
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December 5, 2012 - February 16, 2014
I was proud to wear the uniform, and glad of the company.
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The last time I started up Star Trek Online via Steam, it said that I'd played a total of 1966 hours. TOS, of course, premiered in '66.

Today it's saying 1978 hours - or, The Motion Picture.
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Spent six hours this evening running Ops (ATC and/or doorman) for the 26th Fleet, after we got featured on the front page of the main website. I was a little surprised there were actually that many RPers in this game. Some were a little... raw, and needed guidance, but so did most of us once.

It wasn't until after I finally clocked out that I realized, it was a little like playing my Taxibot again.
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Of the recommended duty officers for an Anbo-Jyutsu Tournament, on the basis of their Resilient(cy)... two of the three are Horta miners.

("It's no good! Forty-seven rounds, forty-seven ties - both combatants keep choosing 'rock'!")
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"Participate in a Festival on a Local Colony"

My new Romulan alt in STO just got offered the above assignment on her duty roster. As anyone who's played through the Rom tutorial knows, the last time she did that, it ended... badly.

("My beloved peasant village!")
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My new Romulan alt in STO has already acquired a character voice in my head... and it happens to be Jennifer Hale. Who is already starring as my Republic Trooper in SW:TOR: The Continuing Adventures of FemShep.

I'm not complaining, it's just... yeah.
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from ESD chat:

"In this game, when you are a noob, you fight the Borg. When you are an Admiral, you grind rabbits."


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