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The stage seems to be set, with the end of this expansion and the coming of another, for the renewed tensions between Horde and Alliance to burst out again in open, total war. This would be the Fourth War between the two factions; the coming of the Lich King and his undead Scourge interrupted the Third, but now he's been dealt with and Deathwing is soon to follow, so we can finally get back to the vital business of murdering each other.

Nor will we just be fighting over (and on) familiar territory. The next expansion reveals a whole new continent, a peaceful land of great beauty, whose people (the gentle Pandaren) we will be enlisting as our proxies and dividing them against each other. We'll be burning their villages, blowing up their temples, and bombing their rice paddies. To save them, of course.

So here's to a great and GLORIOUS war. *raises glass with a smirk*
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You know what's fun to do in WoW?


That's right I said


You'll have so much fun


That you'll have


(see video for details)
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I was going through one of my directories while waiting for an Incarnate trial to start in City of Heroes (Lambda Sector, to be specific), and happened to fire up the collected music for the Operation Gnomeregan event, so they started at the same time.
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Orcish Orphan says: Everyone says you had a fight with the warchief and you're going to abandon the Horde. Is that true?

But you know, that Sylvanas was so smart and so slick
She thought up a lie and she thought it up quick.
"Why my dear little tot," the Banshee Queen lied,
"We Forsaken would never leave the Horde's side.
The Horde took us in, when we were alone,
And now the Horde's soldiers stand guard 'round our throne.
So my child, you need neither worry nor fret -
Just remember we always repay our debt."
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In the upcoming WoW expansion, all hunters will start with a pet appropriate to their race. Humans get a wolf.

If I were inclined to make one, I would surely name my animal companion "d" - both for its own sake and to see who else got the joke.
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So can anyone help me justify why my feral night elf druid (who earned, and deserves, the P.I.T.A. achievement) doesn't go all guerilla eco-warrior and try to wipe out the Nesingwary expedition in Sholazar? And, on a more personal note, hasn't broken ties to my dwarf hunter who did all of those quests?

Or maybe she does, and I put her on the NPC shelf once she hits 80... never to be seen again except as a pair of golden cat eyes glaring out from the jungle, usually right before she pounces.

(Apologies to those of you who find this incomprehensible and/or don't care. Though in some ways it's just a restatement of "why does a Garou hang out with these leeches, besides the fact they're all PCs?")

EDIT: Upon further reflection, I think I may go ahead with this (because it does fit the character, and I can't resist the obvious riffs - see below). The question then becomes who's going to be sent up the river to find and deal with her.

"They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound."
"Are my methods... unsound?"
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So Scathe got himself kicked out of the Argent Tournament today.

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