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so hey, it's my birthday.
... good, I guess?

I was feeling really tired last night, and so I gave myself another ~4 hours of sleep.
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Samuel L. Jackson teams up with a hot blonde badass "amnesia chick" in the 90s.
... no, the other one.
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Someone dug into this delightfully retro website for the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL movie and discovered that what looks like a typical geocities-era page is actually about 10Mb of Javascript. Which, as I can personally attest, would take Some Time to download over a dial-up modem.

This, in turn, made me wonder if there's anyone on Marvel's web team who actually knows how to code in raw HTML, or if that skill has slipped into the same realm as soap making and flint knapping.
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(quoted from a comment thread)

"Gender is a cryptid – I don’t believe in it, but a lot of people seem pretty convinced it's real."

"Gender is real! I saw it once in the parking lot behind Denny's!"

"If gender’s not real, how do you explain this?" *holds up a grainy picture of a bear* "Yeah, checkmate."

"Works for both uses of 'bear', too!"


Dec. 31st, 2018 11:58 pm
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Here's to the year that was, and the year to come.

Here's to having hope again.

And here's to being reminded that change can be good as well as bad.
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From a discussion of how comic-book villains never stay reformed, because of status quo:

"make sandman an avenger again"

... for a moment there I genuinely forgot the Spider-villain, and was trying to figure out when and how Gaiman's Morpheus wound up on that team.

(pan across Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and there's a guy that looks like a black and white scarecrow.)
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(seen on a forum today)

"____ had the face of an angel: shaped like a wheel, on fire, with too many eyes."
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[me in chat just now]

"Not MeDUUsa, it's MeduSAA."
I made a Potter joke in 2018, someone kill me.
(Then again, so did everyone involved with "Fantastic Beasts" *rimshot*)
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Tonight, I think I had one of my moments of real brilliance / inspiration. The topic was the new Wreck-It Ralph movie, and someone commented that they would like to see characters navigating (with Netscape Navigator, what else?) the Internet of the 90s, "a magical world of Geocities web rings and looping MIDIs".

And a title immediately popped into my head, which fits in so many ways IMO:

Under Construction
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The actual moral of most console RPGS is that evil space rocks or metaphysical lynchpins to reality aren't the true source of power, nor is believing in yourself or being led by destiny. No, it comes from solving every single bloody person's problems on a continental scale.

The Final Boss gives his speech about having the power of a god, etc etc, only for the Hero to whip out an Infinity Archon x2 with extra cheese and respond with "I invested heavily in local businesses!"
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Greetings from Arstotzka!

Am typing/viewing this entry on 20+ year old CRT, with very obvious curvature, in stunning 1024 x 768.

Yesterday morning, before work, widescreen LCD woke up just long enough to show desktop and let me put fingers to keys before going black. Investigation showed fault was not with vidcard - LED showed good signal - but no amount of rest or cable wiggling could produce display.

So, 8-year-old LCD sadly put aside for later disposal, and monitor from Pentium 100MHz Win98 retro-gaming machine (built by old friend, also sadly no longer with us) pressed into service for weekend. On Sunday, new widescreen arrives from Amazon... along with 3-pack of new microcassettes for 30-year-old answering machine. Still works, but bits literally falling off original tape.

Also this past week, am finally getting hand computer - Motorola e5 plus. (Some say is "mobile phone" - pah! Has no dial, no bell. Is not telephone, is other future thing.) Striding boldly into new century!
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Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

– Calvin Coolidge
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(watching old show intros on YouTube)

*SFX: Cylon eye scanner*
*fade in on: the front end of a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am, equipped with same*

"The Knight Industries 2000 was created by Man.
It evolved."
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(two days in a row, go me)

As previously mentioned here, I grew up in the age of vinyl, cassette and even 8-track. I listened to mixtapes and made a few of my own, usually off the radio; heck, I still have most of mine, though I'm (finally) trying to get rid of them. CDs came along in my teens, though I personally was slow to adopt (or adapt?); along with clear, high-quality sound right out of the box, they also offered greater convenience. No more flipping sides or rewinding or fast-forwarding to get to the track one wanted to listen to. But each CD still had only about a dozen tracks - two at most, if they were short. A decent collection still occupied a fair amount of physical space.

Now, and since the mid-'10s, I have a device - a Sony WALKMAN-branded mp3 player - about the size of a pack of gum that can hold literally thousands of songs (I've got about 2000 on it right now, and it's not even close to full), play them back randomly or in various orders, or let me skip directly to any one.

Sometimes the future's pretty neat.

As a further bit of irony, some gadgets in my childhood still proudly proclaimed - as others do now - that they were "solid state". Back then, the term was understood to refer to that marvel of the age, the transistor - often still a discrete component, a little black nub, rather than a tiny gate on a printed circuit board or a chip. Now, of course, it means flash memory, data storage with no moving parts.

And that, in turn, leads me to the mental image of one of those ancient washing-machine-sized hard drives for mainframes entirely filled with "Smells Like Teen Spirit.mp3". (A friend notes, "If you have the file broken up properly, you can even make the drive do the percussion part.")
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(reposted from the official forums)

Long post ahead. Those who want to jump off and swim for it, this is your chance.

Read more... )

Fair winds, all, and cheers to my old mates - wherever you are.
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"You know I don't do murders as personal favors. You do a murder for a friend one time, you'll never have a moment's peace."

- quote from my online tabletop (Roll20) game
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... is sound, on this my 48th. I haven't kept up with this journal much since getting my new job - one more casualty of my greatly reduced free time - but considering that having time but no income had me going slowly crazy(er) with stress, I'm glad to accept the tradeoffs. Especially since the work is good (and plays to my strengths and experience), the co-workers great, and the outlook as stable as I dare to hope for, in these "interesting" times.

I did keep my promise to my mother this year, and visit her grave on hers. Cried some more. I am her son, still and always.

Fingers crossed, going into the weekend.